Superuser access required

Sazern 9 months ago • updated by Kalyan Halder Raaz 8 months ago 5

Hello i just installed Ajenti on my Ubuntu 16.04.1 server and it all works fine but im not able to access the settings or plugin page. It just says "superuser access required".

So i go to the user menu and press elevate, i type in my sudo password but it says incorrect password. Even if im logged in with the sudo user (same password)

Anyone noticed this issue? Tried my google skills but didnt find any solution or thread about it.

I'm having same issues.

I just installed Ajenti but don't have the super user access. I also tried google but didn't find any solution

Guess this project is dead :(

I have same issue. it say

Superuser access required. also dashboard and options are not like example.

I solved the issue.
first check your all user list. then change your password for root. try login with username root and password is your pass.