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Ajenti-V website root mandatory ?

alex3138 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 0

I use Nginx as a reverse proxy for some applications listenning on a specific port on my server and don't need to configure a root path.

Why is it mandatory to setup a website path in Ajenti-V ? What should I put then ?

Автоматичекое создание доменной зоны, при добавлении сата.

xaleks 2 years ago 0

Возможно ли такое?


Is it possible to restrict/segment user access on bind9 module ?

Thomas_ 3 years ago • updated by sebastien88 3 years ago 4
I know there is multiple topics on that, but is it possible to restrict access user access on the BIND9 module ?

Ex. user 1 only have access to the site1 zone on bind9 module ?

Also, I'm trying to install it on Debian, bind9 module says named dependency is missing ? How can I solve that ? Thanks

Hi Thomas,

No, it's not possible to add per-zone permissions.
As for dependency, you need to install bind9 package and restart Ajenti.

You're Control Panel ALWAYS disconnects!!!

osman103 9 months ago • updated by Roman Forkosh 7 months ago 1

help installing site in php and JavaScript

#7UP Channel 1 year ago • updated by firstboy000 1 year ago 2

hello everyone I installed the agent and nginx everything right but not I create a page in php. it downloads in ves to be presented already gave all the premises but nginx will just get the html. I noticed that the nginx have not avaliable sites to edit ... someone to please help me :(skype pedromorais1996



tiger 1 year ago 0

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Not able to create new Mailbox - Keeps showing Bug

Vijay 1 year ago 0


I added a new domain in the WEBSITES.

Now, i am trying to add MAILBOX to that domain, but when i do that, it shows dialup box with a bug CRASHED.

Please FIX


how to disable plugins in ajenti

pmd 2 years ago 0

hello everyone,

I am interested by how to disable plugins in ajenti.

Because i don't want user use , for example, terminal or modify the network.


Under review

How to ajenti v-mail upgrade?

Hhwforum Hu 3 years ago • updated by Eugene Pankov (Project coordinator) 3 years ago 1
How to ajenti v-mail upgrade?

Cron: What is command in cron task for lauch job cron in url ( http://www. )

David Arnas 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 1

I need your help for launch one task cron with an file ( sample http://www.xxx.com/cron/myfile.php )

I have test many command but never work ... can you help me please ?